The Diary of K2

"The Diary of K2" the EP will be dropping soon. K2 is really bringing back real shit for us to hear!


IDGAF Friday

We're moving crowds and bringing the excitement back to Fridays! Our new single "IDAF Friday" is now available! Born Rebellion "K2" is putting in major work and bringing real entertainment back to life!


"Let's make some music!"


Born Guilty

The third single is about to drop February 1st! We're getting ready and making room for new Rebellions! Be sure to grab "Born Guilty".


Let's make some music!!!


New Single "Thug Life or No Life" Coming Soon!

This single is going to hit the industry hard with original street style reality. We haven't had this type of music since the late 90's. This song bangs hard and hits home.


Accepting New Artists

3T will be accepting new Artists in April 2018. Interested parties can email us @ for more info.


New Single-Beautiful Bad Bytches by K2

3T Entertainment Presents: Born Rebellion, "K2"! An Artist that truly brings original street reality music back to life.

New single "Beautiful Bad Bytches" now available!



Stay Tuned.....